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All About Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing makes so much sound in the market these days that all you can probably see on the web and read about in the articles are how they have become so therapeutic all these years.

Well, who cares, right? But have you thought about the reason why it became so popular? Why did so many consumers invested on it if it was crap? Why? Why? Why? What do you think?

Considered to be a therapeutic intervention by many health care professionals, colon cleansing procedures are considered to be healthy initiatives for better living.

With a goal to aid doctors and nurses better assess and manage a client, these practices compos the colon clean-up drive that might just lengthen your happy life.

How it all started…

It was the Ancient Greeks who popularized colon cleansing. Brought into the 19th century, it was considered as medical improvement.

The main reason why it was structured as it is was the belief that cleaning the colon can keep many diseases at bay. That is why ill patients before were given herbal remedies and antidotes to initiate purging or bowel movements.

The limelight dimmed in the 1900’s when the theories and studies weren’t enough to support the practice. Organizations such as the American Medical Association questioned the importance of the practice.

However, the established uses in the medical field made it as a topic of debate. Currently, studies are conducted to further establish a solid ground for the practice.

And what’s with the colon?

As a curled, long tunnel within your body, the colon holds what you would probably think of as the most disgusting part of the body – the wastes. The colon is believed to cause many diseases – common, rare, complex or not.

Since the colon is the primary receptacle of wastes prior disposal, it tends to deal with toxins more frequently. On a normal basis, it would take you 1-4 days to eliminate waste by bowel movement.

bloatingHoarding wastes and toxins can cause the colon to go off beat. And a dysfunctional colon, then, can induce symptoms such as bloating, constipation, headache, fatigue, weight gain and loss of energy.

Looking through the benefits

Why invest on these practices? Detoxification is the primary reason why it is enthusiastically marketed all over the world. Colon cleansing is thought to keep you well, balanced and healthy.

Here are some of the benefits that colon cleansing can offer.

  1. It prevents constipation – one regular and seemingly recurring problem everybody faces.
  2. Enhances the immune system as it flushes off toxins that can damage your cells.
  3. Reduces colon cancer risks
  4. Controls weight better
  5. Improves how you feel about and see yourself. It gives you the general feeling of being healthy.

And the catch?

Colon cleansing is a controversial issue. While some agree on the adaptation of it as a regimen, some protest. There are no clear and current evidences supporting colon cleansing procedures. As such, undergoing these therapies is a risk that consumers can make.

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Answering Inquisitions about African Mangoes

The hype of losing weight and fitting into small-scale clothes is never-ending. As a matter of fact, the endeavor of finding effective means to get rid of the extra inches on the waistline seems to be a crusade itself.

Then again, experts (in health, medicine and aesthetics) have proven disheartened consumers wrong, year in and year out. The market now is the world’s arena for weight loss mechanisms, in whatever way they may appear.

And right now, African mangoes top both the shoppers’ and dieters’ list. Why you might ask? Let’s unfold its secrets one by one.

What is an African Mango?

African MangoesAlternatively called as Wild Mango or Bush Mango, African Mango is a fruit-bearing tree native to the plush rainforests of the African coast.

It has been used as an herbal medicine by the locals, and was found to be of high nutritional value by scientists. As presented by literatures and studies, the African Mango contains high levels of fatty acids, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins and even soluble fiber.

All these can help you enhance your metabolic processes.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, the seeds are believed to contain the highest and most potent ingredients for health-related issues such as weight management. As such, the seeds are made available in the market – online and offline, in various forms (powders, capsules and liquids).

What can it offer?

According to published studies and clinical trials, supplements originating from African Mangoes were found to decrease weight by 5-7% in a matter of a month.

It has been closely associated with decreased blood sugar levels, decreased risk for lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and coronary artery diseases, increased fat metabolism, improved fat burning and healthy appetite suppression.

How does it work?

  • The proteins promote healthy muscle growth.
  • Fatty acids keep your heart up and alert most of the time. Additionally, they can help regulate fat metabolism.
  • Leptin, a hormone influencing metabolism, immunity and weight management, can suppress appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness and satiation. It is said that taking African mango supplements 30 minutes before meals can definitely decrease your appetite.
  • High fiber content helps regulate metabolism and digestion.

Are these claims true?

These claims are supported by studies and investigations. One study was conducted in 2005 wherein the treatment group received a daily share of an African mango.

It was found that the respondents under the treatment group, who received African mango thrice a day, lost 5% of their body weight after a month compared to the placebo group’s 1% after the same period.

Studies are present but are limited. Evidences to highly support the efficiency of African mangoes are still issues yet to be resolved.

Who can use it?

The general public can use the supplements. According to Dr. Oz, though, they are most effective among women ages 40 and above; but are still efficient among consumers regardless of age and sex.If you are either pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not take them. Rather, seek an expert’s advice.

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What to Remember When Losing Weight

They say that losing weight is easy. But the really tricky part is maintaining the weight loss. Managing weight isn’t a 3-month period you can let go of when you find yourself fitting into your jeans.

Weight control is a ‘forever-thing’. Furthermore, it isn’t just about the food you eat or the hours you spend in a sport center.

The whole weight management course is a lifestyle modification which you will need to know and stick to by heart.

Here are some simple strategies which you can use to male your size 4 dream a reality.

  • Know your Habits.

The first step of modifying is knowing what should be modified. Knowing and evaluating your eating habits make it easier to identify which of them adds to the extra stored fats.

Is it you nibbling on your children’s potato chips after dinner? Is it you nibbling while preparing lunch? It is eating what’s left on the table?

Or is it your prepared snacks on your working desk? Being able to personally evaluate your habits makes acceptance of the need to change better.

  • Do Plan.

Do PlanSuccessful dieters succeed weight loss because they have a plan. And that’s what you’re supposed to do. Make a strategy so you wouldn’t miss meals and avoid times which you might be tempted to stray from your original eating plan.

If eating seems to be so difficult to achieve in an 8-hour work time, pack healthy, on-the-go snacks. These simple packages can help eliminate unwanted hunger.

  • Eat Regularly.

It is important to follow a regular meal intake. This will keep you from binge-eating.

  • Mind your Eating Habits.

Eat your food on a plate and while you sit down. Eating food packages and/or standing while eating makes eating forgettable.

Eventually, you will find yourself eating more when you sit. Serve your meals on individual plates. Having a nearby bowl of mashed potato begs you to eat more or finish the whole thing.

Eat slowly and chew every bite. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal satiation or fullness. Eating after dinner is another weight gain culprit.

If you find yourself hungry after a full dinner meal, brush your teeth or treat yourself with a hard-candy.

  • Snacks matter.

Snack every once in a while. But consider it as a mini-meal. If you treat yourself with one, trim down on other meals.

It is important that what you eat at specific periods complement each other.

  • Breakfasts are Necessary.

After hibernating for 8 hours or so, your body will need all the fuel it can get to start a day. A good breakfast can boost your metabolism and keep your engine working for another (hopefully non-stressful) day.

  • It all starts in the Mind.

If you think you’ll succeed, then, you will. It’s a matter of conspiring universes, as they say. Think of what you can be, and you will be.

Optimism and motivation are 2 of the things that can keep a plan working until the end. Do keep that in mind.

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Weight Loss with Raspberry Ketones

No, you haven’t read wrong. It isn’t misspelled and it certainly isn’t a typographic error at all. It really is “Berry” easy weight loss, and just so you know, this isn’t a fluke either.

raspberry ketoneThe latest investment of individuals wanting to get rid of the extra inches is raspberry ketone.

Produced and marketed as supplements in the form of tablet and drink forms, ketones extracted from this specie of berries have been found to be extremely helpful in many weight- and look- conscious clients worldwide.

Do you know what’s it?

Scientifically, ketones are aromatic compounds produced after a seriously complex chemical process. These compounds are used to produce a variety of commercial products such as fragrances and flavorings.

What about raspberries?

Ketones from raspberries are extracted the same way as other types of ketones are. The tangy taste of berries that make your mouths water is attributed to these raspberry ketones.

They have been extracted for a multitude of purposes mainly covering culinary and perfumery fields. In cosmetics, raspberry ketones are used as components of weight and hair loss treatments.

Production of natural raspberry ketones, though, is quite difficult. It will take more than 10mg of raspberries to yield just about 10-40mg of ketones.

This amount of extract will not be enough to produce more than a dozen of cosmetic products alone. As such, company producers probed and found means to further enhance production to meet the seemingly increasing demands of the product.

Certain adjuncts were used to treat the whole extraction process to hasten and increase production.

What’s a treatment like this could cost you?

This is an expensive compound – a seriously expensive compound in both culinary and cosmetics. That is a fact. Manufacturers are practically paying thousands of dollars for a kilogram of raspberry ketones.

So what’s this to a consumer like you? Principles in economy would tell you that any increase in raw materials, production process or workforce would mean an increase in the product as well.

Generally, an expensive component would mean an expensive treatment as well.

Is it worth it, then?
Many experts and users would tell you that it is. But, it is certainly up to you to decide whether the product is a wonder or just another sham.

Raspberry ketones, according to studies and anecdotes, work by targeting adinopectin – a hormone highly associated with fat regulation.

High levels of adinopectin are closely associated with leaner and thinner bodies. Supporting this claim are studies which found that adinopectin levels are lower in clients who are obese and/or overweight.

Additionally, an increase in the level of this hormone treats insulin-related disorders.

All these claims are supported by studies and investigations. However, there are no available clinical trials associating raspberry ketones with humans.

So basically, you take in the supplements at your own risk. FDA categorizes these as cosmetics and do not regulate its production in the market.

To buy or not buy; what do you think? Based on the presented facts, is it an investment you’ll be ready to take head on?

Visit this website for more information regarding raspberry ketones.

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Gambooge: What You Need to Know About Garcinia Cambogia

Are you looking for ways to trim down your waistline? Have you been in the market these days trying to get a grab of the easiest ways to lose weight?

Or did you just spend your whole day off scouting the net for plausible tips to slim down? If you answer yes to all these questions, then, it’s about time you consider the most modern way to eliminate the fats – GAMBOOGE!

If you loved the idea of raspberry ketones, green coffee beans and green tea extracts, you’d love this advancement in cosmetics as well. Gambooge is a stronger fat burner, a more potent means to regulate weight and a seriously effective way to block off hunger.


GamboogeGambooge, marketed as Garcinia Cambogia, is a subtropical plant with fruits looking like small pumpkins and with shades ranging from green to yellow and deep purple. Grown mainly in areas of Southeast Asia, these species also thrive in the Indian, and West and Central African territories.

It is, though, not only useful in cosmetics. Apart from its incredibly high consumer reviews (as far as weight loss is concerned) are its uses in culinary and medicine.

Studies about its effects on weight management had been looked into before its purported “miracles” were published publicly. The latest fuss in the market about Garcinia Cambogia is associated with its assumed weight loss benefits as popularized by a public figure.

Then again, it has been in the market for years. It’s just that nobody noticed and entertained the possibilities it can deliver.

Food Speaks

In cooking, Gambooge has been widely used in the preparation of curries and in many Asian cuisines. It is also an essential component in fish curing in Sri Lanka.

According to Indian culinary culture, the tangy taste of the rinds and extracts make dishes more palatable and filling, and activate digestion.

Alternative Medicine

Gambooge also acts as an herbal medicine – as purgatives to remedy digestive issues.

When Weight Speaks for Itself

It was in the late 2012 when a television personality presented the Gambooge as the newest weight loss aid. Consumer interests spiked as soon as the products were released in the market. Suddenly, everybody wants to get a taste of it.

Garcinia Cambogia, though, doesn’t have clinical trials to support its effects on humans. However, meta-analysis showed that possible short term weight loss is seen upon usage of supplements with this component.

Hepatotoxicity is a side effect that forced producers and experts to withdraw one of the marketed products.

Another similar study conducted in 1998 showed that the prime component of the Gambooge extracts, hydroxycitric acid, is a latent agent against obesity.

What does it do exactly? According to experts, supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia works by increasing fat metabolism and suppressing hunger (by regulating serotonin levels making emotional eating not a habit to get used to).

They are potent anti-oxidants as well, and they can get rid of your aging problems in no time. Wouldn’t that be a total makeover?

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Facts Regarding Colon Cleansing

Toxins – are compounds which you would want to keep at bay. Colon cleanse is one of the many ways to remove bodily toxins in the most natural way possible – that’s by utilizing the body’s natural cleaning mechanisms.

Being the ‘in trend’ in the market, colon cleansing is the latest buzz. And as consumers rise in number, and so did ads, plugs and articles – printed or not.

You might find yourself believing most, if not all, of what you have read. Save yourself from the pain of bad shopping decision. Be informed. And it should start right here; right now.

  • It is a traditional alternative medicine. Keeping the colon free of dirt and toxins isn’t new in the field of medicine. The Greeks popularized colon cleansing decades ago. It is a classic treatment to patients suffering from various diseases. They believed that many of the common disorders suffered by individuals regularly are attributed to a dysfunctional gastrointestinal system. As such, it is necessary to keep the colon free of dirt. After more decades, in the 19th century, this alternative medicine was proven to be a pivotal turn health management. Innovations and advancements on colon cleansing as a treatment, a procedure and as a health initiative started to fall back in between the 19th to the 20th century. Many organizations started to question the practice. Then again, avid fans of the treatment and many modern experts are conducting continuous studies to prove many assumptions concerning its efficiency.
  • Colon cleansing is both a medical and alternative practice. As you see it on ads and websites, colon cleansing is as it is. It is not some cheap deal to attract customers to invest or spend money. It is a reliable treatment used by both alternative medical practitioners and health related professionals.

There are no concrete evidences supporting the claims of colon cleansing as an effective routine initiative. However, it is a universally and medically accepted practice.

More than being a natural means to clear the body off toxins and wastes, colon cleansing procedures are used to:

  1. Prepare the bowel prior surgical procedures and diagnostics concerning the gastrointestinal system.
  2. Relieve constipation and associated symptoms such as bloating and headache.
  • fruits and vegetablesThere are a lot of colon cleansing techniques. The most common of which is taking in laxatives – these are pharmaceuticals which are designed to loosen the stool for easy expulsion. You can also undergo enema instillation. This procedure is strictly under the supervision of a doctor. A more conservative and natural way to do colon cleansing is to eat fruits and vegetables or, in general, foods rich in fiber or bulk. A hefty amount of these foods can incredible make wonders.
  • You can always consult your doctor. Though many colon cleansing treatments are over-the-counter, you can always get help from the experts. It is, as a matter of fact, the very first thing that you should do. Especially if you are kind of doubtful with the new innovations and trends, asking someone who knows can be very helpful.

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African Mangoes on Health – Enjoying the Benefits

Have you been looking for the perfect weight loss treatment which could actually work? Do you feel unsatisfied with your current weight management strategy?

Then, it’s probably about time you scour the market for something refreshing. The cosmetic industry is ever dynamic and ever enthusiastic in finding new means to remedy weight gain.

And just as raspberry ketones and Gambooge hit the market, so did the new craze in town – African mangoes.

The Sweet and Sour Revolution

Irvinia gabonesisAfrican mango or Irvinia gabonesis bears mango-looking fruits with nuts renowned for their high protein and fat content. For years, consumers have enjoyed the prosperity of these fruits in the market.

Not only can it be eaten as it is, but also used in many fields (primarily in culinary arts).

Major products marketed from African mangoes are jams, jellies, wines and juices. Their seeds can be extracted, and can be eaten raw or roasted. It can be crushed and add a palatable touch to your soups and stews.

Furthermore, these seeds can be pressed to manufacture edible oil and margarine. Experts think highly of these fruits since they have incredibly high nutritional value. They contain calcium, iron, amino acids, fatty acids and traces of Vitamin B complex.

In cosmetology, the seeds can be used to manufacture soaps and cosmetics.

In health – weight loss is the highlight of these mangoes (more than the nutritional help it can give you). It is the primary reason why consumers and dieters (probably like you) seek comfort in these products.

Amazingly, the contents found within the fruit and its seeds work together to re-shape and bring about a better you.

Here is a rundown of the most common benefits associated with African mangoes.

  • The high soluble fiber content of these mangoes slow down sugar absorption. As they help maintain sugar relation, they become relatively helpful in clients suffering from insulin-related and/or blood-sugar-related disorders.
  • Increase fat metabolism, burn of stored fats and decrease High-density cholesterol (HDLs or bad cholesterol) – 3 helpful components of African mangoes. As research suggested, they can burn off fats and contribute to weight loss.
  • They increase levels of adinopectin – a hormone related to fat regulation. Adinopectin decreases the risks for cardiovascular and lifestyle disease, increase blood sugar’s cellular absorption and help in fat metabolism.
  • Regulate appetite by affecting the hormone called leptin. Leptin is a naturally-occurring hormone in the body made by fat cells. It initiates hunger when levels are low, and gives a feeling of satiation and fullness when up high. African mangoes were found to increase leptin levels and would, therefore, decrease you unnecessary craving for food.

Some Quick Notes

  1. African mangoes were found to decrease body weight for about 5-7% in a month – studies showed.
  2. Fat loss is still evident regardless of diet or exercise program.
  3. Generally safe for the public.
  4. They are highly endorsed by many health experts, health professionals and health-related individuals.
  5. Do consult an expert, though. A friendly advice from a specialist can be a lot of help.

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Choosing The Perfect Weight Loss Program

Consumers worldwide are looking for the best weight loss regimen to work with. Options range from supplements to surgeries to workouts and diet programs.

Let’s face it, going on a diet is the first and primary step you’d take if you want to lose weight. Before you hit the gym and sweat your butt off, you’d take the less straining – cutting off calories.

The problem with this strategy is that few gets to stick to the whole plan. Most of the time, dieters fail; and frustratingly restarts from square one.

And when weight is more than you can control, you resort to strict guidelines and rules – ones which a structured weight loss program can offer.

dietWeight loss programs are structured regimen covering diet (what you eat), activity (what you do) and outlook (the motivation and emotions associated with the course of therapy).

These are regimens usually consolidated by experts in the field of health and medicine.

The Bare Truth

There are thousands of programs in the market wanting to be your weight-loss-buddy. More than the extreme need to get rid of the extra flab, it is still important to know which of these solutions prove to be something worthwhile.

What should you know then?

Here are some things that you must bear in mind if you plan to engage in a health program as your weight loss aid.

  • Know what you want and be consistent. If you choose to try a weight loss program, stick to what you want. Weight loss programs are no magical spells; they can’t turn you slim overnight. If you want to lose weight seriously, take the program seriously and realize that it would take some time for you to see results (this is true to almost all weight management strategies).
  • Safety. Above all else, make sure that the program is safe for someone like you. If a program requires you to cut down caloric intake by 500 calories, and burn more by spending at least 8 hours in a gym; you should sincerely consider what you’re getting into. That’s suicide. Think about it; if your normal caloric requirement at rest is 1200kcal, you decrease the calories by 500kcal resulting to 700kcal – an amount which could barely sustain a day’s work, spend 8 hours in a gym – an activity which will require you more probably more than a thousand calories to last, then your body will shut down. All health consequences then follow (including malnutrition).
  • Make sure the program will help you attain a consistently, slow and steady weight loss. Rapid weight loss is never advised unless your doctor deems it necessary. It is important to make realistic target weights. Otherwise, you’d end up frustrated again and probably think that everything is and will never work out. This can discourage you from sticking to the course.
  • Keep yourself motivated. Look at your failures at the brighter side. Sulking and feeling miserable might just be grounds for failure to creep in. In losing weight, a positive mindset is always a plus.

by Evan

Raspberry Ketones – What About It?

To lose weight – that is the most overused phrase when New Year comes or when guilt after a seriously heavy meal creeps in. Losing weight isn’t a far-fetched idea these days, though.

The market presents a wide array of weight loss choices. Which of these products work? That’s for you to find out. No worries, though, this article will help you understand what the latest weight loss product in the market is.

Raspberry ketones are the latest weight loss fads. These supplements were found to be effective for consumers wanting to lose weight effectively.

As a matter of fact, it is achieving worldwide recognition even among many experts. But what are they? What is a ketone in the first place? Is it even safe? Do these compounds even exist?

Let’s take all these issues down one by one.

Raspberry ketones based on many recent studies were found to be highly useful for consumers wishing to lose the extra flab. That’s what raspberry-ketone-based products promise. And that’s what you can get.

The Science Behind

red raspberriesKetones are technical terms which refer to phenolic compounds closely related to scents. Raspberry ketones are compounds extracted from your cranberries, red raspberries and blackberries.

Since then, these extracts have been used as food flavors and as components of beauty creams and oils. They have also been associated with treating hair loss.

Though weight loss uses of these compounds aren’t new, it was in the recent years when anecdotes and investigations were brought public to support these claims. And the demand for it steadily increased all these years.

Does it work?

Experts say so. Producers say so. Previous consumers say so.

Studies on rodents showed that raspberry ketones had managed weight effectively during the treatment period. In 10 weeks, rodents were grouped into 2.

The treatment group presented effective weight management despite the high-fat diets given while the control group showed significant weight and fat gain after 10 weeks.

What do all these sum into? According to these studies, raspberry ketones have fat destruction capabilities similar to that of synephrine and capsaicin.

Generally, they act as regulators of fat metabolism and accumulation. Additionally, similar investigations showed that raspberry ketones affect the hormone adinopectin.

This hormone is essential in fat regulation and is found to be decreased among obese and/or overweight individuals.

Though studies were conducted on rodents, there are still no available researches supporting human use. However, experts present the general fact that rodent genomes are similar to human genomes by 85%, making parallel studies relatively significant.

What can you get?

Weight loss is the primary reason why consumers invest on this product. Additionally, raspberry ketones showed improvement in lean muscle mass and healthy hair regrowth.

On the other side of the coin, these compounds may bring about unnecessary symptoms. Since they mimic the abilities of capsaicin and synephrine, the side effects are related to the interaction of these compounds with the body.

You might experience an increase in blood pressure, flushing of the skin, an increase in heart rate, jitteriness, palpitations and/or shakiness.

by Evan

The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Looking for ways to slim down isn’t a problem. Looking for weight loss treatments that work is the major concern. As the market overflow with options you can dive in, so does the increasing doubt and mistrust among consumers.

Will this work? Is this safe? Because it worked on you for the first time, will it work again? Losing weight might have been a far-fetched idea for you. No need to fret, though, here comes the Holy Grail to the seemingly-endless crusade.

Garcinia Cambogia

BrindleberryCalled in many names (Gambooge, Brindall Berry, Assam Fruit, Brindleberry and Malabar tamarind among others), Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin-shaped fruit growing in many Southeast Asian countries and in some African areas.

It isn’t popularly known in European and Western countries until it was publicly announced as a ‘miracle’ drug by a known public figure.

Since then, the interest of consumers has grown rapidly. And, up to this point, it still is.

What Can it Offer?

Supplements created from Garcinia Cambogia extracts are highly associated with better weight management.

According to experts, they have the following functions:

  • Appetite suppressant. These supplements depress your need to eat and crave for more. It is a great therapy for emotional eaters. Studies suggest that they regulate serotonin levels – neurotransmitters affecting mood. The reason why some individuals cope with depression and frustration by eating is because their serotonin levels are low and eating raises those notches higher. Garcinia Cambogia regulates serotonin, effectively doing away with pesky cravings.
  • Regulates cortisol. Cortisol is a naturally-occurring compound associated with stress. When the body is stressed, digestion and metabolism slows down. As such, you are prone to accumulate fat. Gambooge normalizes cortisol levels so that your body will be able to cope in the most normal way possible without compromising your weight.
  • Increases fat metabolism. It can decrease the amount of your belly fat. The extracts are composed of compounds which seem to hasten fat burn-up.
  • Blocks fat. Amazingly, these supplements can block fat accumulation, though, specific ways aren’t yet understood.
  • Increase lean muscle mass.

What it comes along with?

More than the benefits, Gambooge is also associated with certain considerations you should bear in mind. It is, generally, safe. However, not everyone may be allowed to take it.

Don’t take it if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease – it can increase the symptoms of the disease.
  • Breast-feeding
  • Taking Statins (cholesterol-lowering medications) – Gambooge when taken with these medications induce a damaging drug to drug interactions. In the form of rhabdomyolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and muscle degeneration.

If you belong to any of these categories, better steer clear of the supplements. Don’t try to challenge what it can do to you; you might regret it.

Being Picky

GarciniaCambogia is presented in many forms by many manufacturers from different sides of the world. How do you pick the perfect product?

The most important part of shopping is to READ LABELS. The product should contain at least 50% HCA, must be lucrative and can be worthwhile investment.